Sunday, 11 October 2009

Here You Go Sharon

I finished designing and making these cards yesterday for the workshop that I will be taking this coming Friday at Stamp Addicts.  I know that Sharon was eager to see what she will be making so here they are.  I just hope you like them!!  All the images are by Denami Design and of course are available from Stamp Addicts.  Don't forget that I will be demoing at Stamp Addicts's shop on the Saturday so if anyone lives nearby do come along as it would be great to see you.  I will be demonstrating both Polycolor pencils and Stardust pens which of course have a lovely shimmer which is just right for Christmas cards, along with some of the Denami range of Christmas stamps including these Carollers.  I hope to see you there.


Sharon G said...

Hi Kay

Thanks for the preview - the cards are lovely and I can't wait to get over there on Friday and start crafting!

Look forward to seeing you!

Sharon x

Kay Carley said...

You're welcome Sharon. Glad you like them! Am busy doing the project sheets for them as we speak!!

See you on Friday.

Kay xx

Craftnut said...

Looking good Kay. I'm excited about the workshop. Tracy x

Kay Carley said...

Oh that's good Tracy. I'm glad you're booked on. See you in a couple of days!!

Kay xx