Friday, 16 October 2009

Off Up To Bedford

Well I'll be hitting the motorway in a little while as I am off up to Bedford today to Stamp Addicts to take my workshop this afternoon.  (Cards to which I loaded up a couple of days ago now.)

Meanwhile here is a card that I made for the Stevenage show in August which seems so long ago now!!  I thought this would be appropriate to show you today as tomorrow I will be demoing with these same stamps at Stamp Addicts so if you are in the area do pop by and say hello!!

As soon as I finish demoing I will be hitting the motorway to come home again which means driving in the dark which I have to say I am not overly keen on!!  I don't mind doing short journeys in the dark but long ones I find really tiring!!

Anyway I hope you like the card - all images are by Denami Design and of course can be obtained from Stamp Addicts!


lisa said...

Hi Kay. Hope you have a safe journey. Driving in the dark is no fun is it. Another beautiful card. What a shame you have made all these Christmas cards and don't get to keep them, you'll be fed up with them when it comes to making your own!!
Have a good weekend.


Kay Carley said...

Hi Lisa. I'm back safe and sound now with only 2 days at home before I head up the motorway again!!

Kay xx