Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Catching Up

Good morning everyone.  I had intended to post yesterday but since getting back from my holiday I have been trying to catch up with stuff.

I had a long chat with Jill (from The Stamp Man) yesterday afternoon and it seems that it is not wise for me to go away and leave her to her own devices as she has been rather busy in my absence!!  (Only kidding Jill!!)  Apparently whilst I have been on holiday relaxing Jill has kindly doubled my work load for me.  Actually it is all very exciting as I know that loads of you have been missing The Stamp Man on Create and Craft and have been eager for a new show.  So Jill has taken the plunge and arranged to film not one but two new live shows this month alone!!  On 13th October Jill will be appearing on Create and Craft at 12 midday along with Tracey (the newest Stamp Man designer to join the team) so I hope that you will all tune in and support her as I'm sure she will be quite nervous!  Then on 21st October at 12 midday Jill and I will be on Create and Craft filming a live show with my latest three stamp sheets.  This will be my first live show too!

Also all being well Jill and I will be back on your screens in November!!  However I can't say too much about this one at the moment as things are still being finalised.  Anyway please pass on the word via your blogs because if the live shows are a success then you might see us again!!


lisa said...

Hi Kay. I'm so glad you managed to get away for a holiday, you certainly deserve one, you work so hard. Getting to see the red squirrels was extra special too, they are a rare sight indeed these days aren't they.
It's fantastic news about the new C&C shows, can't wait.
Glad to have you back.


Kay Carley said...

Thanks Lisa! The red squirrels really were adorable and as you say they are certainly very rare to see these days so it was VERY special for me.

Kay xx