Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Stamp Addicts Spree!!!

Well I did promise to show you the photos from my spending spree at Stamp Addicts didn't I?  Well first up are these gorgeous papers from Best Creations.  The photo doesn't really do these papers justice as each of them have embossed, raised and sparkly designs on them.  Suffice it to say that I HAD to have several sheets of each of these as I know that I will want to use them on everything!!

Even the reverse side of these papers are fabulous too as you can see!

Next up are 3 of the new StazOn inkpads,  some Distress inks and mini misters.  There are actually 4 new colours of the metallic StazOn - the one that I didn't get (this time) was Copper as I thought I'd try out Silver, Gold and Platinum first as I think I will use these colours more than the Copper.  As you can see from the packaging they come with a refill ink as well as the pad and although I haven't opened them up yet I am guessing that they are like the Opaque StazOn range where you have an uninked pad and apply the ink yourself.  As you can see I bought just one or two of the Distress Inks!!  I already have all of the new colours in both pads and inks but didn't have some of the older colours in the actual inks.  Some of my pads are getting a little dry now (as I often use my own for classes)plus I thought it would be nice to make some quick backgrounds with the ink by putting a few drops into a spray bottle and adding water - hence the mini misters!!  (So Keryn - does this count as TH stuff or not?!!)

Now at this point I did think that I was done with my spending but then I happened across the ribbon display!!  And somehow..............all of these fell into my basket!!  Really not too sure how this happened!!


Now as I think some of you know, this weekend I am demoing at The Glitter Pot so I am hoping that I can be a bit more restrained!!  What do you think guys?  Am I fighting a losing battle?  Talking of The Glitter Pot I guess I ought to stop waffling and get back to work as I'm still trying to get my sample cards done!  I know that I did sort of mention a while back that I might post a sneaky peek of what I am demoing but that is a bit hard when I haven't done them yet!!!

Oh, just before I go........................thought I'd let you know that unfortunately all your good wishes didn't work as I wasn't picked for the WOJ Guest DT.  Oh well.............I'll just have to try again next time!!!


Bluefairy4U said...

Wow Kay, you did have a spend again !! But what lovely things. I especially like the ribbons and the new stazon - how does it work now its gold.etc.
I am sorry you didn't get picked for the WOJ, they have lost a lovely designer. better luck next time. Lots of Love Jo.xx

G Peplow said...

Oh! what lovely stuff, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it all!
Disappointing not to be picked for WOJ this time:-( but better luck next time ;-) and of course that leaves more time for playing with your new goodies xx

Sarn said...

Goodness me . . . that's quite a haul . . . er, I WAS joking when I asked if you left anything on the shelves for anyone else to buy! LOL!

Have fun playing with your new stash.

lisa said...

They must be mad over at WOJ not to pick you Kay. How disappointing!!!
Wow, just a few reinkers there. I only have one and that's not even been opened yet. Do you use them in any other way other than reinking. I was going to try adding perfect pearls and putting it in a mister!!
Your ribbons are gorgeous too. Who can resisit lovely ribbons.
Have fun with it all and can't wait to see what you create.
The sun has returned today, although with showers, but the wind is cool.
Happy Crafting.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I see you do a few workshops at the Glitterpot, Kay, are you local? Its my LCS and so I just wondered :0)

Sally H said...

That's my sort of haul, minus a few stamps! Good for you. WOJ don't know what they are missing! Their loss! never mind, hun. Keep up the good work and try not to spend everything you make on stash!

Pauline said...

That's my kind of crafty haul! But what lovely stuff. Only got the Distress inkpads at the moment, but give me time lol

WOJ don't know what they are missing. Fingers crossed for next time.

Hugs, Pauline x

JAN said...

what a fantastic haul..those metallic stazons look intriguing and love love love all those magical re-inkers..enjoy your goodies hugs Janet

Kay Carley said...

Thanks so much guys for your words of support regarding WOJ. It was probably a blessing in disguise as I've got quite a bit on for June and July. Never mind I'll just keep on trying until they do pick me!!

Kay xx