Sunday, 25 April 2010

Too Many Nice Things & Not Enough Money!!! - Part 3

Hi guys - sorry didn't get around to posting anything yesterday as was too busy trying to catch up with work stuff.  Although I haven't actually managed to catch up as yet!!

After Lisa's comment on my last post I've decided to show you what else I recently succumbed to!  Not only have I got a secret Elisabeth Bell fetish but I am also finding it incredibly hard to resist all the gorgeous flower embellishments that are around at the moment and as you can see my will power totally failed me in this instance.  I just had to have them!

Plus I just had to have these as well!!  Aren't they pretty??  I am a little bit worried that they might end up falling under the category of 'Too Nice To Use'!!  I'm sure that many of you will know what I mean by this!

Both lots of flowers are by Prima and came from The Glitter Pot where they have got a vast array of pretty flowers to choose from as well as lots of brads too which is something else that I buy oodles of!  The trouble is, I already have enough stock to actually fill any craft shop that you care to mention but it doesn't seem to stop me buying more!! last confession................I also bought some Bo Bunny background papers too!!

Right I'm off to go and do some work now in order to finance my uncontrollable spending urges!!  Next time I'll post up a card.


lisa said...

Now I definitely am jealous Kay. If there's one thing I can't get enough of it's flowers and look at all these. There are so many in every colour under the sun, I'm definitely coming to play at your house now!!
Enjoy them.


Kay Carley said...

I'll stick the kettle on then Lisa!!

Kay x