Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pink Butterflies

So then guys what do you think to my 'new look' to my blog?  My great friend Isabelle has been busy beavering away to create this for me and personally I think she has done a fantastic job especially as 'lilac' really isn't her colour! Lol!!  She took her inspiration for the blog background from two cards that I sent to her featuring the Sarah Kay and Whiff Of Joy girl images that you can see and I am absolutely 'wowed' with what she has created!!  What do you think??  I am sure that after all her hard work Isabelle would love to hear your comments!!  There are still a few little tweaks to be made so bear in mind that this is work in progress!!

Anyway onto the card that I have to share with you today.  Not one of my better efforts I'm afraid as I was really pushed for time when I made this!!  Also the materials that I was allowed to work with were really limited as this was done for one of The Stamp Man's TV shows.  I don't know about you but I am never entirely happy with cards I produce when I have to work within a very restricted materials list and always feel that they are rather basic looking but maybe that is just me!!

A lot of you by now will no doubt recognise the imagery! The main image is from my Funky Frames stamp sheet and the wording and flourishes are from my Fancy Flourish stamp sheet both of which can of course be purchased from The Stamp Man.


mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kay, another great card but I know exactly what you mean about a restricted palette, having turned down the opportunity to be a designer for the same reason. Maybe I was silly though because we all need to work with limitations , that's makes us inspirational;-) We've all heard the one about the happy accident!

Sarn loves choc said...

I like the new look, but think the little girl in the circle by your name in the header needs to be enlarged as she's a bit difficult to make out! Other than that . . . it's great!

I like the card you made!

lisa said...

Hi Kay. Your blog is looking wonderful, very "you".
I think sometimes it's good to work within limitations, it can provide a challenge which is rewarding when we manage to meet it.
Your cards are always very identifiable whether they are simple or involved and your flutterby stamps are still a favourite of mine.
Hope you have the sunshine with you today.


Julie said...

I don't think your lovely card is basic looking at all, I would be proud to produce one half as good. I agree about restrictions, it does limit your creativity. I love your new blog look, very pretty. xxx

Sally H said...

Its a lovely card, and it goes so well with your background! I know what you mean about being restricted. I think that's why I struggle with sketches. I like to move the elements around before I decide where they are going.

Bluefairy4U said...

Well Kay,
another lovely card and Boy I am happy I have these stamps.
Your Blog page is wonderful I wish I could have Isobelle as well. The colours are so girly and to all Jo.xxxx

Kay Carley said...

Hi ladies - so glad you like the new blog look! Isabelle has worked really hard on it for me and it is so nice to have something that is original! I really appreciate it!

I agree sometimes it does do us good to work within limitations but when you are forever working this way it can become a bit of a struggle, especially when you know if you could JUST have added something else it would be perfect! LOL!!

Sally - I've never (as yet) followed a sketch for the same reason as you but maybe one of these days........

Kay xx