Thursday, 22 April 2010

Too Many Nice Things & Not Enough Money!!!

Ok so I have decided from now on I have got to go around with my eyes shut!!  I seem to have developed this compulsive habit of buying things - there are just far too many lovely things around at the moment that I have just GOT TO HAVE!!

Now I think that I have already established that Elisabeth Bell has got a lot to answer for with all these lovely designs that she keeps bringing out because as you know I had to splurdge on some of her stamps not so very long ago.  Well now to make matters worse The Craft Barn have started stocking the clear range of stamps by Belles and Whistles and of course as soon as I discovered this I was on the phone straight away!  These images are just so sweet and the quality of them are great too.  (I haven't always been enamoured with clear stamps in the past as the quality of them can vary greatly but these really are superb and each image that I stamped out came out perfectly first time.)

Of course I didn't just stop at having 4 stamps - I had these too!  Then on The Craft Barn's website I found out that they had got a new delivery in of Martha Stewart punches and as soon as I saw this Cupcake edger punch I had to have it to go with my Belles and Whistles Cupcake stamp - obviously!!

I am REALLY looking forward to playing with these!  As I've already said I had to test the stamps out straight away to see how they stamped out but so far that is as far as I have got.  However keep watching this space and if any of you are going to The Craft Barn's Extravaganza Weekend in June I will have some cards on display using these wonderful stamps there.

Tomorrow I may confess some more of my recent buying sins!!!


By the way if any of you recently signed up to be a Follower over on The Craft Barn's blog you may want to head on over there because  not everyone left their name under the post to be in with a chance of winning the £30 goodie bag.  You still have until this coming Monday to rectify the situation or indeed to sign up if you haven't done so as yet!  Simply click here to go to The Craft Barn's blog and scroll down and read the Calling All Followers post and follow the instructions given.


JAN said...

Hi Kay what a lovely haul..cant wait to see what you will be getting next..i am on a tight budget at mo..otherwise i would have no hesitation in treating myself too

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

I agree, Elisabeth Bell has a lot to answer for lol. I see we have bought the same Belles & Whistles images. Have you seen the images she's designed for LadyBug&Friends? I shall keep my peepers open in June at The Craft Barn to see what you have created.

Hugs, Pauline x

Sally H said...

Ooooh, you are tempting me now too! The cupcake one especially. I am a fully confessed addict with a habit... is there a stampers anonymous that we could join?!

lisa said...

You're allowed one obssesion in life, Kay. Some girs love handbags and shoes but craft goodies are far more useful, the problem is I buy plants too so am doubley bad!!!
These new stamps look lovely, can't wait to see what you create with them. I have just fallen for the Lily of The Valley fairies, they are soooo gorgeous, see I'm just as bad especially after saying I was having a buying amnesty for the rest of the year. I also have my eye on the new Tim Holtz dies too, we'll seee how long that temptation lasts.
Hope you are managing to enjoy this beautiful weather.


Kay Carley said...

Jan - I'm supposed to be budgeting too!! Each time I tell myself that I mustn't go getting anything else!

Pauline - yes I have seen the Ladybug and Friends stamps. Haven't succumbed as yet but give me time!

Sally - they are gorgeous aren't they. The trouble is with joining a 'stampers anonymous' is that they are supposed to help you to control your cravings and I'm not too sure I want to 'control' them!! I'm having far too much fun laying my hands on all these lovely goodies to stop just yet!! LOL!!

Lisa - trouble is though Lisa it isn't just one obsession!! I only confess my craft related purchases on this blog but I also LOVE clothes too!! I am currently resisting my very strong urge to buy some LOTV stamps too - don't know how much longer I can last! LOL!