Monday, 8 March 2010

My Spending Spree!

Morning everyone.  Well as promised here are a few piccies of all the lovely goodies I bought whilst I was at the Stamparama show. 

First up are these wonderful Martha Stewart punches that I got from Stamp Addicts.  My only gripe with these punches is that once they are out of their packaging you no longer know what the designs are called which can be frustrating!!  Still can't wait to find a project to use them on though!

Next up is some of my stash that I got from The Hobby House.  I ended up not being able to take a photo of everything that I got from this stand so had to split the products up!  I've already used both of these punches that you see here.  The little packets that you can see with gold and silver items in them are different metal middles that you can put into your punched out flowers.  (I know that they are called something but the name escapes me for the moment.)  The Hobby House had loads of these to choose from and they really do lift your punched flowers.  I also succumbed to some of the beautiful Prima flowers too - they always look so lovely in their jars.  They might not be very cheap but again you only need one or two of these gorgeous flowers to embellish your card.  Actually I thought I was very restrained just sticking to 3 jars of these as I could quite happily have had them all!

The next two pictures are close ups of the above photo so that you can see the items a bit better.

The Hobby House didn't have an awful lot of these ribbons left by the time I got over to the stand but again they were all absolutely beautiful.  I loved the fact that they had sorted them into colourways.  The little pots contain different colours of brads and again there were just so many to choose from - a lot of them were pearlescent too which made it even harder to just stick to a few!

You can see even more of these little pots of brads in this photo!

Lastly here are all the packs of self-adhesive rhinestones and pearls that I got from The Hobby House - again there were just so many beautiful colours of these to choose from that it made it really difficult!

I think that it was definitely a good thing that I didn't get to visit this stall until just before the end of the show as their stocks by then were very depleted and if I had visited them before the show opened they might not have had any stock left to sell!!


On a totally different subject did anyone watch Dancing On Ice last night?  If you did wasn't Hayley fantastic!!  I think she definitely deserved those 6's!!  I did think that Gary deserved a higher score than what he got though as his actual skating always looks so smooth and relaxed.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
WOW!! What a great spend up you had.
Had hoped to get to Stevenage but unfortunately it didn't happen.
This year just seems to be going from bad to worse ---- oh, well! --- c'est la vie!!
Must just say how great I thought your "under the weather" card was; really novel. Me thinks I might adopt your idea!!
Best regards! a.k.a. Rita

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

Love your new stash. I think the metal embellies you bought are called spacers. I don't think Bev Rochester puts a flower on a card without using one!

What I did with a lot of my punches & all of my Cuttlebug embossing folders is print off a sheet(s) of small sticky labels with the details on and attach. Not only do I then know what punch or folder I'm using, but I have a record of what I have that I can easily refer to when browsing the internet.

Will you be demoing at the ArtStamps England, Newbury this year?

Like the simplicity of the last couple of cards. The colour combos work well too.

Hugs, Pauline x

Kay Carley said...

Hi Pauline - I will be labelling all my Martha Stewart punches at some point but need to go online now to see what they are called!
Yes you are right - they are called 'spacers'! Just couldn't think of the word when I was typing!
At the moment I haven't been asked to demo at Newbury but if this changes I'll put it in my Event Diary.

Hi Rita - nice to hear from you!

Kay xx

Lynn said...

WOW! you know how to spend, great stuff by the way. With my Cuttlebug folders I now write the name on them with a fine tip permanent marker as I could never remember what they were called. I agree about Gary on Dancing on Ice, Jason clearly doesn't like him and always gives him low marks, I thought his performance was fantastic (apart from the required element) and certainly couldn't be described as dull.

Lynn x


Hi Kay x your stash is gorgeous x You will have so much fun with that lot x Leigh x