Monday, 29 March 2010

Been Buying Again!!

Oh dear!!  I just can't seem to stop myself these days!!  There are just too many nice stamps and products out there at the moment that I just can't help myself!!  As you can see from the packaging these un-mounted stamps are all designed by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD and are available in the UK from Quixotic Paperie.  Aren't they lovely?  I can't wait to use them but I will have to control myself for a little while as I must do my work stuff first!!

Oh look!!!  And here we have some more stamps that I just had to have!!  These are also designed by Elisabeth Bell but this time for Belles & Whistles.  (That Elisabeth Bell has got an awful lot to answer for as she is keeping me VERY poor at the moment!!  Someone really ought to tell her to stop designing - lol!!)  These also came from Quixotic Paperie and at the moment they have got a sale on some of the Belles and Whistles stamp range including all of the stamps you see here so now is most definitely the time to get them!!

Oh I soooooooooooo need to find some time to play...................


lisa said...

Hi Kay

Sorry I haven't stopped by for awhile, I've been busy wielding a paintbrush of a different kind but all done now so back in Blogland thankgoodness. I've missed all my blogging buddies.
I love the notebook cover, the colours are perfect and I can see you have no resistence when it comes to new stamps. They will keep tempting us with new releases won't they. Can't wait to see what you create with them.


Kay Carley said...

Hey Lisa - I missed you!! Regarding the temptation of new things - I think I would be better off without an internet connection as I just don't have the will power not to look!! Lol!!

Kay xx

Julie said...

I have been looking at the SCACD stamps on the Crafters Companion site and guess what? They've got free postage this week, I feel a little purchase coming on. xxx