Friday, 9 July 2010

The Glitter Pot Has Moved!!

Hi guys.  First of all my thanks to everyone who have been leaving me such lovely comments recently - I do so enjoy reading them!!

I don't know if you have heard but this week The Glitter Pot moved into their new premises and they are now located in Burgess Hill. Click here for the proper details!  As everything is very new at the moment I will be demoing there tomorrow (Saturday) instead of taking my classes.  So if anyone fancies stopping by to check out their new venue please stop by my table and say 'Hello'!  I will be demoing with the Copic markers from 10am-4pm.  That is of course if I haven't melted by then!!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend!


Sandra said...

Have fun tomorrow Kay. Unfortunately(!) I will be staying home trying to keep cool! The new premises look HUGE though.

Lynn said...

Stay cool Kay! Would love to visit tomorrow but I'm at another workshop. I will however get to check out the new shop as soon as I can!

chris said...

Hi Kay, so wish I lived nearer the glitter pot the I could pop by and say hi, It would be so lovely to meet you.
I used to do the shows with Janice and Andy, but they don't do the shows anymore so I dont get the chance to meet people like I used to, but then i wasn't blogging so it didnt matter the same as I hadn't the knowledge of us like minded bloggers.
anyway funny you should mention the decorating, I have just THIS MINUTE finished room no.4 only 5 more need doing, we seemed to have lost all interest in our house for the last few years, but all of a sudden we are falling in love with it again again,hence why there is so much decorating.
I'll stop blathering on now, have a great weekend love chrisxxx

Pauline said...

Hi Kay, I spend a fortune online with TGP so it's just as well that I don't live close enough to pop in. Though next time I'm in that part of the country I dare say a visit to the new shop will be on the list. Enjoy the day, hugs, Pauline x

craftypat said...

Unfortunately I am one of the ladies missing out on your classes for this event. I live down in Portsmouth so only do the journey if I can get an AM & PM class sorted.
Hope your day went well and maybe I will catch up with you at a class soon

Kay Carley said...

Pauline - I think you may well find it is worth a visit when you are next this way! It is huge!!
I'm sure by then it will be even more well stocked!! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh boy that could be trouble for me! My sister lives right down the road in Hassocks and when I'm in England to visit family I stay in Burgess Hill!! Luckily my visits are only once every two years and as I was just there in May I've got time to save my pennies up for the next time!


Anonymous said...

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