Thursday, 3 June 2010

Are You Proud Of Me?

So it seems as if you were all expecting me to have come home laden with stuff from The Glitter Pot!  Well although there was a lot of temptation and I truly could have gone mad I was infact VERY restrained!!  This is that clear stamp set that I was using as part of my demo and I couldn't leave without purchasing it as I had such fun with this.  There are so many different pictures that you can create with this stamp set and over the next couple of weeks I'll show you the cards that I made with it. (So Sharon and Tracy you weren't alone with having to purchase it - I HAD to have it too!!)

For anyone that has ever been to The Glitter Pot you will know that it is crammed full of stuff so all in all I feel that I did really well just walking away with the above stamp set and these punches!  As I think we already know by now I love MS punches and have had my eye on these two for a while now.  I wasn't expecting to get the Sunflower punch though and that is Joanne Gelnar's fault!  She was sat next to me demonstrating how to make these wonderful flower creations using punches and I've decided that I have just got to have a go at this as they would make wonderful embellishments to your cards.  She is a very talented lady.  Click here to go visit her blog and you'll see what I mean! 

I have a feeling though that for anyone who visited The Glitter Pot last weekend they probably weren't as restrained as me as the shelves are just crammed full of wonderful things.  Infact I purposely didn't go into the room that houses the papers and Prima flowers otherwise I would have come home with a bulging bag!!

Poor Clare Curd (from Do Crafts) wasn't as good as me though!!  After demoing next to me (on my other side) she went and bought all of the Copic Ciaos and some of the Sketch markers too!  I hope you enjoy them Clare!

So you see............................I can be good sometimes..............................well sort of!! Lol!!


Sarn loves choc said...

Oh you were VERY restrained there Kay! Hope you had a good time at TGP demo day.

Pauline said...

Hi Kay,

I agree 'severe' restraint was shown to go to TGP and only come back with one stamp set and 3 punches. I have 2 of those punches and ordered the 3rd at the weekend. How spooky!

The 'watercolour effects' article in Jul 10 Craft Stamper is excellent. need to get them to use an up-to-date photo of you.

Enjoy the sunshine, hugs, Pauline x

Sally H said...

Very restrained, Kay! I'm not going to be that good! I love the border punch and the flowers - got a bit of a thing for punches at the moment - I blame Sir stampalot! I'm off to look at Joanne's blog to see what else I need to add to my shopping list, lol! I will pass on your best to Janice and Andy on Saturday x

mustavcoffee said...

Oooh you were very good really, I'm very impressed.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and also the info on the spica pen, I will definitely keep an eye out so that I can see what you mean although I think I know where you're coming from and I know I'm going to like it,LOL
Still looking forward to the Craft Barn weekend, only a few more days!

Craftnut said...

Hi Kay

I am impressed - very restrained!

Flowers on that lady's blog are amazing, i can quill well but they look amazingly real!

I will be going on the 12th and will try and remember however being shy and reserved i may forget!

Quite funny Sharon is buying the same stamps you are definately a bad influence on the budget due to nice ideas and getting the creative juices flowing - one day i will match your colouring its a goal!!

Tracy x

Kay Carley said...

Hi guys. See I can be good when I try REALLY hard!! I've decided that I just need to go about with my eyes shut and I'll be fine!!

Sandra - yes I did enjoy myself demoing and am looking forward to doing it all again next weekend!

Pauline - funny you should mention the photo thing! Haven't seen this issue of CS yet but I have sent in a more recent photo twice now so I'm surprised that they still aren't using it! Glad you liked the article though! As for the punches - we definitely have similar tastes don't we?

Sally - like you I just can't get enough of punches at the moment. Once upon a time I didn't like them very much - strange how our tastes change isn't it? I'll be thinking of you tomorrow enjoying yourself at Sir Stampalot - I expect to see what you bought though!!

Mustavcoffee - I hope you enjoy yourself at the June Weekend! I would so like to be able to go around and see all the demos but I don't think that I'll get a chance somehow! If you get the chance do stop by and introduce yourself and say hi to me as it is always nice to be able to meet people in person!

Tracy - glad you like Joanne's blog. You would have loved to seen what she was doing on the Saturday - she is one talented lady! Don't stress about passing on my best to Janice and Andy on the 12th. If you feel able to then great but if not no worries! The main thing is enjoy yourself while you are there and let me know what you get!!

Have a great weekend everyone and think of me beavering away indoors!

Kay xxx

Julie said...

Glad you had a good time. I'm not sure if you were really restrained, after all you did buy something, lol. Have fun with your goodies. xxx