Thursday, 19 February 2009

Clingfilm background

This is another technique that was done using the Starburst Stains. Originally many years ago I learned of using clingfilm to make backgrounds when using dye-based ink and a brayer so all I did was update it and use the same technique but this time with the Starburst Stains.

Because you want your card quite wet I actually give the card a wash with plain water first before adding any of the stains. Then as in the crumpled background simply load your paintbrush with the stain and add pools of colour here and there. Keep repeating with different colours until you have covered the entire piece of card, making sure you stir the stains thoroughly first in order to get the maximum amount of shimmer.

Once your card is covered with the stain, place a piece of clingfilm (cut larger than your card) onto the wet stains and gently move the clingfilm around slightly to create ridges in the clingfilm then leave to dry. Depending on the time of year and the temperature, drying time can vary dramatically but on average it probably takes around 30-45 minutes. Once dry simply remove the clingfilm and you will get the pretty textured look that you see here.

The stains used for this particular background are from the Mayday Meadow Starburst Stains set. This technique can also be seen on The Stamp Man's Starburst Stain show on Create and Craft, channel 671. Starburst Stains can be purchased from The Stamp Man.


Lynne said...

Hi Kay. It's great to see you have a blog. I've admired your work for a while and love your stamps. I'm lucky enough to have a few of the 'Aspects of Design' range.My passion is stamping so I will enjoy looking at your blog regularly.Hope you enjoy being part of the blog world. Lynne x

Anonymous said...

Hello Kay
Thanks to an email I have just received from Sarah at Stamp Addicts I am now aware of your blog.
Love the fact that you are sharing your hints & tips & thank you for that as I have enjoyed watching you on C & C shows.
Will be looking in regularly so keep up the good work.