Sunday, 15 February 2009

Blog header background

A piece from this background paper is what I added to my blog header to create the background for it. Creating background paper like this is very easy to do. Although you can't tell from the image it is actually very shimmery.
The paints used for this background are called Starburst Stains which are mica based - hence the shimmer you get with them. They are sold in sets by The Stamp Man.
This particular background was made using all the colours from the MayDay Meadow set. To get the maximum amount of shimmer you need to stir the pots of mica very thoroughly each time before you use them.
To achieve a background like this simply paint a piece of copier paper with one of the lightest colours, then add patches (or blobs) of all of the other colours until you cover the entire sheet with colour. Then while the paint is still wet crumple the paper up tightly in your hand - this is the messy bit!! Carefully un-crumple the paper whilst it is still wet, roughly smooth it out and leave to dry. That's it, job done. All the colours merge together and create different hues. This technique was shown to me by Jill (from The Stamp Man) as she does like to get messy but the results are well worth it! You can see Jill doing this technique on her Starburst Stain show on Create and Craft - channel 671.

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