Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Framed Tile Pictures

So....................I've been asked if I can show/tell how I made these framed tile pictures that Leandra showed on the video release of my launch night which you can find here.
I'm afraid that I don't currently have a step out for these - I am planning on making some more of these in different colours and hope to do a 'step out' then but it won't be for another couple of months. So meanwhile this is what I did...... I began by sponging on Snowflake Fresco Finish onto a 4"square plain glossy ceramic white tile  and then built up my design in much the same way as described for the heart fridge magnet in the previous post.

My first idea was to use the tiles as coasters but as soon as I tried to brush on a sealing glaze it began to remove the paint so I had to change my mind - hence making them into pictures!

Below is how the Cosmos tile looked before it went into the frame.

And the Allium tile -

I would still really like to make these into coasters but I need to find a way of sealing them successfully and I don't really like the idea of mixing up some sort of resin as that sounds a bit of a palaver!! I did wonder about a spray on sealant but I need to find one that won't mind water and heat - if anyone knows of anything that would be appropriate please do let me know!

Unfortunately once they went into the 6" deep box frames (which I purchased from Hobbycraft) you could no longer see the Lilac Fresco Finish that I had edged the tiles with.

A closer shot for you -

And here's the Allium one -

They still look pretty but not as pretty with the lilac edging showing!!

I promise that when I next decorate another tile I will take step-by-step photos so you can see the process but in the meantime I hope this helps!


Tracey Thurston said...

These are beautiful, I love the colour combination that you used, I've bought some coasters to change but am a bit scared in case I mess them up but with your inspiration Im going to give it a go, already planned my heart xxx

Bluefairy4U said...

Beautiful Kay, have bought both your stamp sets now- a lady has too! Love the colours. Cannot wait to see what else you do with them, it's just like before when you released your last stamps, every wait is exciting lol xxx