Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Allium step out

See..................as promised I am back!!!

So without further ado I promised to show you a more detailed step out of how I created this framed picture.

Using the Allium stamp set

So here goes......
 Above are all the materials that I gathered up in advance including a 6x6" piece of white canvas.

 As you can see I both masked off a border around the square piece of canvas and then taped it down onto my craft mat so that it wouldn't move around. I then prepped it with Snowflake using a piece of Cut-n-Dry.

 Next I took another piece of Cut-n-Dry and sponged over the panel with A Hint of Mint whilst doing this I picked up a tiny amount of the Lilac Fresco Finish on my piece of Cut-n-Dry and continued dabbing and mixing it with the Hint of Mint. As I dabbed and sponged onto the canvas I was able to still allow some of the Snowflake base to show through.

 Next I stamped grass all the way across the panel using Sage Fresco Finish.

 Then I arranged two of the Alliums onto the piece of canvas so that I could judge where I wanted them to be.

 Then after removing the stamps I sponged Sherbert where I thought the Allium heads would end up being.

 Next I stamped the leafy sprig using Sage Fresco bending and arranging it onto the block before stamping it out so that it would fit nicely around the Allium heads.

 Next I stamped out all my main imagery using black Archival - again shaping and bending the stems before stamping them out. (For this stamp set I purposely designed the components all with straight stems so that they could easily be manipulated on a block to bend either to the left or right thus giving more versatility to the stamps.)

 After stamping out all my main imagery in black, I was then able to fill in any gaps with a butterfly which was stamped with Sage Fresco and then painted with Fresco Finish paints.

Then I painted in all the other imagery using Fresco Finish paints and also added dots of colour to the grasses to represent some tiny little flowers.

 As all the Fresco Finish paints I was using to paint with were opaque I had lost a lot of the detail of the imagery so I painstakingly drew it all back in with a black fine-liner!

Now this next bit is definitely normally unheard of...................... I reached for a needle and thread!!!!

As you can see from this close up I chose to sew on some clear seed beeds to add both texture and interest to the Alliums.

Then lastly I glued on some tiny rhinestones. Once the glue was dry I then mounted it into a deep box frame.

I am afraid that all the pictures really don't show just how pretty this is!! Unfortunately this was created on one of our really wet/dark days where it never got light so you'll have to take my word for it that it does actually look quite nice!!

If anyone fancies doing this as a class at my home in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex or if anyone would like me to teach a class at their shop/store please do email me :).

I'll be back again soon with a more detailed step out of the heart fridge magnet using the Cosmos stamp set...............

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craftimamma said...

Well, I'm sure it looks a lot better than 'quite nice' Kay! I'm pretty sure it looks stunning! Your designs always have a sort of ethereal look to them and are so delicate and pretty. Well done on your debut release with PaperArtsy, the stamps are lovely.

Lesley Xx

Carole C. said...

Hi Kay.
Congratulations on the launch of your gorgeous stamps. The samples I have seen are so pretty and varied. Look forward to seeing more.
Very best wishes.
Carole C.

Angela Allen said...

Hi Kay
I love the new stamp sets. Samples are gorgeous, I need these sets to add to several of your stamp sets I have from years ago, always loved your designs.
Love Angela X

Debs said...

Simply stunning!!!
Thanks for the fabulous tutorial too - amazing.
Debs xx

Joanna Wright said...

Beautiful stamps and the Alliums are stunning. So creative. Wishing you much success with new stamp collection, you deserve it.

Julia said...

What a beautiful set of stamps and a fabulous project. Congratulations on your PaperArtsy stamp launch, I am sure they will be a great success.