Saturday, 2 April 2011

Craft Stamper E-Zine and Thanks Everyone!!

Hi guys!!  First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to all of those who voted my 'You're Grounded' Craft Stamper project as one of the best projects of 2010 - I am sooooooo thrilled!!

Katy has put together the 12 most popular projects of 2010 into an e-zine which is absolutely FREE to download for the next 6 months. Click here to download your FREE copy.  And that's not all!! There is  some blog candy up for grabs too just for advertising Craft Stamper on your blog.  Click here for the details.

I would  like to thank everyone for their recent kindness too regarding my last post.  I honestly can't thank you all enough for the kind comments you left me both here on my blog and via email.  I must just say an extra special thank you to Mustavcoffee and Tracy (Craftnut) who both sent me cards which were so unexpected and therefore really made my day.  I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to reply to you all individually but am finding it a little difficult at present, especially after taking a fall yesterday and hitting my spine against the wooden base of my bed!!  By the way I wouldn't recommend doing this as it doesn't exactly help matters!!  I'm now off to lick my wounds............................

Just before I go I must just say that I think that Sam was a deserving winner last Sunday night on Dancing On Ice!!  Sunday nights won't be the same for a while now!!


La Vikinga said...


Congratulations to being best of 2010! Just a question; is the magazine American or British? If it's British I can probably ask here (in Sweden) if the local newspaperstand can bring it...

Charlotta / La Vikinga

Sarn said...

Oh NOOO Kay . . . sorry to hear you took a tumble and did yourself more mischief. What ARE you like? Hope it didn't do anything too serious.

Sending get well hugs your way.

Sandra x

craftypat said...

Kay, I am really sorry to read how bad a time you are having healthwise right now and I really hope things improve for you soon.
Your award for one of the best projects for 2010 was well deserved as you are a talented lady.
Take good care of yourself
Pat x

G Peplow said...

OOh Kay , you poor 'ol thing, hope you didn't do any damage:0)
Well done for being one of the best of the year, well deserved!!
Fingers crossed that you're going to take it easy and make a quick recovery, hugs:0) xxx