Sunday 9 February 2020

How To Use Stencil PS181

As promised I am back to explain how to use stencil PS181 which matches the house stamp from the set below.

 Step 1: Stamp your image - I do this in a stamping platform. (Ensure you don't remove the stamp from the platform once you have done this and don't allow your stamped image to move throughout this whole process - if you want to re-stamp your image afterwards.)

   Step 2: Line up 'step 1' of the stencil and apply your chosen colour of paint/s.

  Step 3: Line up 'step 2' on the stencil with the daisy roof and apply your next choice of paint colour/s.

  Step 4: Line up 'step 3' on the stencil with the doorframe and steps, window-frames and daisy centre and apply your choice of paint colours to each area.

Step 5: Line up 'step 4' on the stencil with the door and apply your paint.

 Step 6: Line up 'step 5' on the stencil with the door window-frame, doorknob and The Flower Tower plaque and apply your chosen paint colours to these areas.

 Step 7: Line up 'step 6' on the stencil with the windows and daisy accents and apply your paint.

 Step 8: The house is now completely painted but all the stamped detail has been lost.

Step 9: Re-ink the stamp to re-stamp the detail.

Hope this helps!

Always work the paint well into your applicator first before applying the paint through the stencil.

My preferred applicators for this technique are several small domed stencil brushes.

When working through the steps of the stencil only apply the paint where it is needed for that particular step. For instance if you want a black frame around the door only apply the black paint to the frame area rather than across the whole door as this will enable you to still see the stamped image thus making it easier to line up the next step.

Don't be afraid to add light and shade when using the stencil by using more than one colour within the same area.

Add depth and interest afterwards to your stencilled image using pens, pencils, paint, ink etc.. to really bring your image to life.

On Tuesday I will show you detailed steps on how to use stencil PS182.


Annie said...

I am in awe! Absolutely love your new designs. Thankyou for posting how to use them. Can't wait to play with these! Xxx

PaperArtsy said...

This is so fantastic!! Inspired by how you pull these things together and dream up such fantastic ideas!!!