Monday, 19 September 2016

My two new stamp releases!!
This flower set (EKC03) has been designed to work with my previous two sets thus allowing lots of different compositions to be achieved when using them altogether. Once again I've drawn the elements with straight stems so that they can be manipulated and bent when placing them onto an acrylic block thus allowing greater versatility! Plus the flowers and the leafy sprig can be joined up (using very simple masking) to achieve taller flowers etc... And of course I included some extra imagery such as the tiny butterflies and little flower heads to give more options for your stamped compositions :). 

As well as my flower stamp sheet, I have also designed a winter one (EKC04) full of snowflakes (as you can see!) - I just love snowflake stamps so it just had to be done! I've varied the size and the designs of them all to give greater versatility - meaning that they can be used to create backgrounds or used as main imagery. The two different curved garlands at the top of the sheet have been designed to work with each other, simply by layering them up - which you can see on the card I made for this launch over on PaperArtsy's blog…/new-pa-products-by-kay-carle…. I've included two different styles of dotty borders which can be used to dangle the snowflakes from to make them hang from the garlands or I thought they could also be used as stems to make snowflake flowers by bending them before stamping them out. There are also two different sizes of dots to create snowy backgrounds and a beautiful snowy swirl. 

You can find stockists of these sheets by visiting PaperArtsy's blog and scrolling down to the bottom of the post.


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