Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Chameleon pens

Today I thought I'd share my thoughts with you about the new innovative Chameleon pens that launched on C&C a couple of weeks ago.

As I think we all know I absolutely love my Copic markers and more recently have become a fan of the Spectrum Noir range too. When I saw the Chameleon pens (being that they are alcohol based) I was definitely interested in trying them out especially as you can get SO many tones just from one pen!!!

Below is my VERY first go with them.
The background was done with Distress inkpads but all the actual colouring of the snowmen was achieved with the Chameleon pens and nothing else. For anyone that struggles with the normal blending process using three or four corresponding markers then these pens are most definitely for you as they really do provide a seamless blend. Plus they will work along side other alcohol based markers and of course you can use pencils over the top of these too.

To be fair there is a bit of a learning curve with them, learning how long to fuse them for and getting the hang of colouring in either a side to side movement or little circles as opposed to flicking or feathering (which was always my preferred method) but it really doesn't take long to adapt to this way of colouring. Also I am not a 'great' colourist - there are people out there who are just amazing at colouring and I'm not one of them!!  I would say that I am a 'middle of the road' sort of colourer so if I can do it from following the demos on telly anyone can!!!

So far I have only had a very quick go with the complete set that I bought but I am really looking forward to trying out different images with them and having a good play!!

I am thinking about running some classes (from my home) using these pens for anyone that is interested in having a go with them so if anyone is interested in this please do email me.


Whisper said...

Oooo absolutely gorgeous hun and you know me, i'm not very good at the blending and this might benefit me too, would like to maybe play with them in a class first before i thought about doing some classes with you, Luv Sam x

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Kay
How can you say your not one of the best colourers I and lots of people envy the way you are so talented with your colouring. Your colouring is so good you make everything you colour pop out. I am so sorry that I have not been able to come to your classes this year due to back and health problems I've now given up work and as soon as I have a car I will be able to come to your magnificent classes once again lots of love Jo xxxx

SaraJ said...

Oh - something else to play with!
By the way - your colouring is always gorgeous! x

Craftnut said...

Did you just say you are not a good colourer! Nice colouring! Tracy x