Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More Awards!!

Hi guys.  Well I am finally back up and running again with internet access after having been without for about 5 days - most frustrating it was too!!  Anyway I am back now and have been trying to catch up in blogland!

My thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at the weekend - it was lovely to meet you all and thanks so much to all those of you who said such kind things to me!  I do hope that you enjoyed all the other demos there too. 

I have been really fortunate over this last week or so to be given two more blog awards!!  I NEVER get these so it means SO much to me to have got three awards in two weeks!!  I can't thank the ladies in question enough.

So without further ado my first award is this one from Julie.

Apparently to qualify for this award there are 5 rules that I need to adhere to-

1) I need to thank the person who gave me this award.  Thanks so much Julie!!

2) I need to post it on my blog. As you can see I've done that!

3) I need to list 3 things that I love about myself!!  Now this is really hard but I'll have a go......................I love that I've been blessed with common sense as my poor Mum really doesn't have any which has got her into a few scrapes in the past! (Sorry Mum!!) I love that I'm a natural blonde although very recently I tried out several different hair colours!!  And lastly I love that I have a crafting ability as this has enabled me to try out several different types of crafts all of which I've enjoyed doing.

4) I need to post a picture that I love.  So here you go...............this is of me when I was 19 months old with my Nan who is sadly no longer with us.

5) And lastly I need to pass this onto 5 other blogging friends and this is the really hard bit!! But here goes - Sharon, Tracy, Mustavcoffee, Chris Dark and Lisa and to all of you who have supported me since I started my blog as I truly appreciate it!

Now onto my second lovely award which I've been awarded both by Sharon and Tracy - thanks so much guys!!

Apparently I need to tell you why I began blogging and the answer is VERY simple - when I was demonstrating at stamping shows or taking classes at shops I kept being asked why I didn't have a blog so in the end I thought I had better get my act together and start one up!!

Now I am supposed to pass this onto 10 other people but I just can't choose so to anyone who has left me a comment over the last 10 days please take this award as a thank you!!


The Little Stamper said...

Hi Kay,

Thanks so much for my lovely blog award and also for the lovely message that you left on my blog. I'm glad you like your card!

I should have started this blogging thing sooner - it's great fun isn't it!!

Sharon x

chris said...

Hi Kay, plesed you back with us and have had a good weekend, wished i could have stopped by your table.
hope to soon love chris xx

craftymum said...

Hi Kay
congrats on your awards.
Well deserved
Love Sarah X

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kay, Thank you so much for my award you are a lovely lady and Thank you very much for all your kind help and supportive comments it really means a lot:) xx
p.s so glad you've got the internet sorted:) x

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Kay welcome back. Happy that you got some lovely awards, you deserve them. Hope you didn't tire yourself too much at the Craftbarn weekend, it was good seeing you and your darling Mum. Big hugs JO.xxx